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    Mann am Lesen

    France, Nice 2015

Martin Parr opened up his Pop Up Studio in the museum of photography on the other streetside on the last days I was in Nice. Seeing his photos I was thinking "That is exactly the kind of photography I want to do". I had been pondering the ethics of just taking photos of strangers for quite some time and his photos got me wondering.

So later in the afternoon a tourist in a fisher hat and inconspicuous clothes passes me by on the promenade. I only realise it has been Martin Parr when I see his assistans carrying his equipment and his copyright papers. 
I am excited and want to see how he takes photos and walk on the promenade watching him closely. 
Nobody even notices his presence. He blends right in and even the multiple flashes of his speedlight don't irritate the people on the beach. Later on I will recognise the moment/person from the beach in the printed photos that are exhibited in the museum.

Full of enthusiasm I put a fresh roll of Velvia in my yashicamat and walk on the beach. I move slowly to let my eyes find interesting scenes and also because it is crazy hot.
I see burned skin, intense colors and end up shooting the whole roll of film.

Yashicamat 124G & Velvia 100

    Feel Free to press "L"

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