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Sooo, my first time at the Oktoberfest.

I was absolutely stunned by the hordes of people streaming and littering the whole inner city to get to the festivities.

Had a run in with a monk, who gave me a medaillion and wanted me to write good wishes into a book. As I did and was surprised by the friendly, unfitting gesture, he pushed me to give him money. Ha! When I did not he grabbed the medaillon and looked angrily at me. Thank god there are some true buddhists at Oktoberfest!

I guess energy vampires are everywhere...

Passing through the main gate my photographic vision was completely overwhelmed by the neon lights, crazy decor and the many people, eating, sleeping, drinking, lying on the ground and some having the strangest absend minded look on their face.

It was fabulous!

Interestingly I shot everything with the old Canon F-1 "Vietnam war" camera and rebranded 35mm Fuji100 (Rossmann) film. As it got dark the film was not quick enough for all the action so I pushed two rolls of film to 400ISO. I really like how the film/grain/colours turned out.

Okay, leaving nerdy bay, the neon lights got quite intense as the sun set. I was amazed by the unjustified pricing of this festivity and the - for me - foreign looking traditional clothes.

People were really enjoying the games.

 ... And each others company.

 With all the drinking you had to stock up on energy aswell.


And if all your money ran out there was still the lottery.

 On the way home, people were stumbling, drinking and dancing to the police's music. Shout out to the police DJ.

I am very much looking forward to the next Oktoberfest 2017!